Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Music for the Emotional Wacko

My momma sent me this super cool website the other day that chooses your music for you based on your mood. Such a cool idea! It seems a bit dangerous and confusing since I'm self-admittedly a pretty emotional person... one minute I'm happy as a clam and loud and outgoing, the next I'm super quiet and introspective (although my friends will tell you it must simply by 3pm in that case and that it can all be cured with a latte).

Anyhow, neat site. Check it out! Perfect for a gal like me who needs mellow music to work to and then obnoxious top 40 pop and hip-hop to workout to!

PS: God bless my awesome hip mom for sending this to me although I am a little concerned that I must be losing my own cool if my mom is the one informing me about the latest trends. Oh well, thanks mommy!