Friday, April 24, 2009

Celebrity Sighting: Birthday Edition

I walked past America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker on Bleeker Street at lunch today. He was tall and super super hot.

He did NOT come up to me and say, "Happy birthday, baby. I'm your present. This is going to be the best damn year of both of our lives."

He did however make a funny look at me... probably because I was using profane and unladylike language while I was on the phone with my sister.

I'm so damn classy, I just can't help it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rooting for Hall Even More

From the Boston Athletic Association ticker:

10:40am At 8 miles, the split is 38:14 (4:54). As the group overtakes the legendary Hoyts, Rick and Dick, Hall offers them a word of encouragement.

I did the same when I passed them on my bike in the triathlon last Fall. Of course, I wasn't competing for a laurel wreath... what a class act that Ryan Hall is!

History in the Making

I'll put money that an American makes history today... whether its Kara or Ryan, I'm not sure. But I'm watching every mile (albeit from NYC).

I'm giddy with excitement.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Opportunity Knocks and BMW Kicks Ass

Geez, Audi... way to set up the perfect situation for BMW to kick your advertising ass!

I love this:

BMW billboard from Juggernaut Advertising on Vimeo.

Via and

Give us money!

I know the economy is rough... but at least I haven't resorted to this yet!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Smart Stuff from the University of Cincinnati

Ah... love you DAAP. The confusing hallways. The smell of spraymount. My regular Sunday all-nighters (compliments of NoDoze). The design crits where the same 4 students voiced their opinions. It did me good...

now check out this brilliant idea from a fellow DAAPer to solve the crappy iPhone images.

High tech meets low tech with this simple corrugated cardboard stand, that makes capturing document images with your iPhone a snap. If you've ever attempted to scan a document by just holding up your phone, you'll know that a blurry image is often the result. This simple stand created by University of Cincinnati DAAP student Kyle A Koch, is an elegant and green solution that holds both the phone and document in the perfect position to get a sharp capture. The stand comes flat packed for just $16 through the Ponoko design store.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Can you find the REAL Waldo?

I love this story. I kinda love Waldo too. Not just because I have a thing for brunette tall skinny guys with glasses either.

A few years back for Halloween I was "Where's Wanda Gone Bad"... if you remember, Waldo had a doppleganger girlfriend named Wanda and I dressed as her gone goth with a pimp cane, dog collar necklace, safety-pinned ripped red-striped shirt, and a Waldo heart tattoo. It was particularly fun because as people at that party got drunker, they all kept coming up to me enthusiastically screaming "YAY! I FOUND YOU!"

Before that I randomly spotted a tall skinny guy who was wearing a red and white striped shirt and glasses one night at Boston Beerworks with my old roommate... we later found him drunk off his rocker and groping a young hottie blonde. We laughed the whole night at the thought of the horror of children across the world who were looking for him that night.

However, I would have been for the overwhelming thrill of my life had I been at Rutgers University the other day. 1,052 Waldos (and Wandas from what it looks like)... to break the Guinness World Record for The World’s Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Waldo (ha ha... I love that that's even a CATEGORY!). They also repaired some of the damage of drunky Waldo above by donating 3,000 books to the local New Brunswick School District.

Meanwhile... Waldo turns 21 this year. So look for him in more bars soon!

Via Gothamist