Thursday, March 12, 2009

Confessions of a Picky Eater

I'm not nearly as picky of an eater as I was when I was a child... back then, I didn't care for plain chocolate, hated hamburgers, gagged at the thought of a pickle, didn't like the "texture" of strawberries, and was not a fan of messy casseroles (I even went through a weird phase of not eating food if it touched... I was an odd kid).

Now, I'm not AS picky but I still have some dislikes. I realized a few months ago that I'm not much of a salad person. My main complaint is the lettuce really. A garden salad? BORING! Salad in fancy restaurants is a little different... I generally like those but I can never seem to replicate it at home. The only other times I can change my tune about salad is when it has, what I lovingly refer to it as, "candy" in it — fruit like pears and yummy cheeses or nuts. Something to mix it up... and distract me from all that boring lettuce.

What I am also not a huge fan of is sandwiches. One HUGE exception is the ridiculous Bresaola sandwich I have every Thursday with coworkers on our walk back from weekly meetings in Soho. And every Thursday, we stop at Grandaisy Bakery on Sullivan Street and walk back to work in bliss eating our yummy sandwiches and still gushing as if it were our first time trying them. Their lemon coconut tart is also pretty ridiculous. Mmmm.

The website Scanwiches posted on Swiss Miss pretty much gets my point about the grossness of sandwiches though. Its solely scans of sandwiches. And there is nothing remotely appealing about them to me. Blegh!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Avoid Central Park on June 20!

Eek. I do NOT want to see this! Found in the New York Post:


Posted: 2:14 am
March 10, 2009

As if spandex didn't already leave too little to the imagination, hordes of cyclists plan to ride through Central Park in the buff on June 20.

The event is part of the World Naked Bike Ride, which began this week in Australia.

Participants are encouraged to go "as bare as you dare" in protest of the world's dependence on oil and in celebration of the human form.

The ride, which started in 2004, has led to several arrests over the years, but in general, the lack of clothing was barely noticed by authorities.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Running in 2009

So I went on my SECOND run of 2009. Hard to believe, huh? Only two runs this year? I'm not a fan of cold weather running and I haven't joined a gym in NYC yet, so I went on a 4-mile run two weeks ago with the Achilles Track Club and another today with my friend Lauren.

Its 60° and gorgeous so Lauren and I did almost a 10K in Central Park which was a blast... the miles went by fast because we just couldn't stop talking!

Then I decided (after a looooong wait for the bus on my way TO the Park) to just run home as long as possible before I got on the bus. Instead, I ran ALL the way home. For a grand total of, WHAT?!?!, 10 MILES! Insane. It was pretty slow especially since I had to keep stopping for 8 million red lights but still . . . a long distance to pull out of nowhere. I feel pretty good too! HOORAH!


Another photographer website up and complete for my very dear friend Dominic Chavez. I've known Dominic since I worked with his wife and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and was even there when they first met. I adore him and he was so patient with me as I worked on his site over the last 6 months while going through a major move to NYC. But its done and I couldn't be happier — its easy to design a site around gorgeous photographs like these! Check it out:

And congratulations, Dominic, on all your well-earned success.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Marathon Inspiration

From the April 2009 issue of Runners World:

JONATHAN BRUNOT, 19, of West Hempstead, New York, is autistic and speaks only 10 words. In November, he ran the New York City Marathon in 4:49 with Rolling Thunder, a special-needs running program. At the finish, he clapped and waved to his parents for the first time.

Says Brunot's trainer, Vincent Del-cid: "At the marathon, Jonathan was confused at first by the crowds as they cheered for him, but then he liked it and started to run faster. When he received his medal, he looked up at me and said, 'Malathon.'"

I couldn't possibly be more moved. Half-marathon training (and maybe another full in 2009) starts tomorrow.

Love MoMA Even More

MoMA just launched their new website this morning. Its a HUGE improvement. Lovely, simple, easy to navigate.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Everything is amazing but no one is happy . . .

My sister posted this on her Facebook page, and I quickly followed but I thought I would share again with my bloggers. I have to be honest I don't know who this guy is but he's so damn spot on (and hilarious) that I adore him anyhow.

Hudson River Landing Animation


Found on

Great Artwork

Click image to enlarge so you can read it. I LOVE this.

Found via from Jordan Wolfson's art portfolio. . .