Saturday, March 7, 2009

Running in 2009

So I went on my SECOND run of 2009. Hard to believe, huh? Only two runs this year? I'm not a fan of cold weather running and I haven't joined a gym in NYC yet, so I went on a 4-mile run two weeks ago with the Achilles Track Club and another today with my friend Lauren.

Its 60° and gorgeous so Lauren and I did almost a 10K in Central Park which was a blast... the miles went by fast because we just couldn't stop talking!

Then I decided (after a looooong wait for the bus on my way TO the Park) to just run home as long as possible before I got on the bus. Instead, I ran ALL the way home. For a grand total of, WHAT?!?!, 10 MILES! Insane. It was pretty slow especially since I had to keep stopping for 8 million red lights but still . . . a long distance to pull out of nowhere. I feel pretty good too! HOORAH!

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