Friday, March 19, 2010

ACCOMPLISHED: #65: Get CPR certified

After learning all sorts of CPR and first aid for adults, children, and infants, I am officially certified (perfect scores on both tests, thank you very much). It was a full day of life-important lessons! And hopefully, it means that by being prepared, I'll never be tested (much better than the alternative of being in a scary situation and knowing I keep MEANING to take that course).

I highly recommend everyone to get a similar course like this so they know what to do! You don't need to be a medical professional to do what you can!

31 items on my list done. Only 80 more to go!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Pet in 2010?

Ok... so the BF/roommate isn't a cat person at all. And he is really opposed to even joking around with the idea of getting a dog (he likes them but 1. he thinks they're too much work (agreed) and 2. he seems to have a preference to little dogs: chihuahuas and yorkshire terriers... and I'm very much more into labradors or at the very least a good medium-sized pup).

So maybe... the the only type of pet I'm heading towards is a goldfish (hopefully this one won't commit fishy suicide like the last one I had as a child that leaped out of the bowl to his carpet death). I think with a tricked out house like this, that fish would never wanna jump...


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Log-Rolling Champion!!!

So a handful of years ago we took my girlfriend K out for a night on the town after a breakup with her boyfriend. We sat in the bar talking and drinking but thought the night would get more interesting if we brought some of the cute male clientele into our conversations. You know... a "more fish in the sea" reminder. So as L, K and I sat in that little bar in Boston with some random log-rolling competition being shown on the television, I started luring in the boys by polling them with a very important and tough question: "if the three of us competed against one another in a log-rolling competition, who do you think would win?" Somehow, they all kept picking L... which being that K & I grew up on farms seemed implausible (apparently my super high stilettos were causing the guys to question my ability to chose appropriate log-rolling footwear, one of them said).

Anyhow... the night was a hilarious memory that I forever think back fondly on but we never did have our log-rolling showdown. But I'll tell you one thing, I will NEVER go head-to-head with that crazy scary Kool-Aid man!!! He looks like he's been practicing!

Check out the commercial that totally reminded me of our fun night:

Best Cookbook of all Time

As my leftovers from last nights dinner are warming in the oven now, I figured it was an appropriate time to share my fabulous little gem of a cookbook. I'm kind of a cookbook slut. I have huge stacks in my kitchen of them. Probably no less than 30. But a few years back, my mom asked for this book for Christmas and I gladly gave it to her. After a year of her cooking some truly amazing dishes out of it, I asked for it the following Christmas for myself. It is the "The All-New Complete Cooking Light Cookbook"... although its a few years old so "All-New" doesn't really apply anymore (dumb title choice!). Buy it here.

Its healthy but amazing... and I love when cookbooks tell you how long its going to take before you get in over your head. My mom also pointed out that on the Cooking Light website, you can even view reviews of the recipes from other guests. A tool I'll definitely be using although their indication of "All-time Favorite" recipes has been working pretty well for me.

Some of my favorite recipes from here:
Asparagus with Brown Butter
Gruyere, Arugula and Proscitto-Stuffed Chicken with Shallot Reduction Sauce
Four-Cheese Macaroni (seriously? this is healthy!!!)
Margarita Pizza

Oops... My oven just went off. Time for yummy stuffed chicken leftovers!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oooo... Gummy Bears

I have always adored gummy bears and despite my crappy soft teeth that are prone to cavities and more, I always will. Therefore, as gorgeous as this looks, it's a wise decision to never have a chandelier like this hanging in any house of mine!

(from hello bauldoff and found via swissmiss)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Coolest Wedding Details of 2009!!!

OK - obviously after some amazing trips and wedding celebrations of 2009 in Kenya, Connecticut, Russia/Fort Loramie, Pittsburgh, and Toledo last year, how could I ever pick one as my favorite?

Well, I didn't but one photographer selected Miss Lynn's wedding as the best details. And wouldn't you know it... that was the one I helped out so much with designing pinwheel table cards, programs, favor cards, menu cards, vintage childhood photo lanterns, guest book, etc etc etc etc etc etc. It really was an amazing day and the photos from RAW photo design make it even more spectacular. Congrats to Lynn & Matt again!