Friday, January 2, 2009

Back in Black

Due to a horrifying incident on my travels to Ohio over Christmas (helpful hint: just because you still have the factory-seal on that water bottle, does not mean that the whole top of it cannot bust off in your bag), I am now the owner of a new pretty MacBook.

Thank you MacMall for your awesome after-Christmas sale (no thank you for spelling my dang name wrong even though I spelled it out for you about 12 times). Thank you Santa for helping me out since times are rough at this moment (too many expenses in 2008!).

I love that my computer is now 13" and much more transportable. And I adore the matte black fabulousness (the glossy screen will take an adjustment). And I REALLY adore how zippy and fast it is. Now I just have to get up and running with all my programs.

However, if anyone comes within ten feet of it with a beverage, I swear I will judo-chop them. Don't test me, folks. I am, after all, wearing a black belt today.

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