Friday, February 19, 2010

Running Update

After one run... I had wicked Plantar Fasciitis (par for the course with my wicked flat feet). After another run... crazy achilles pain. Next time... my calf was on fire and it felt similar to when I had that stress fracture in 2007. I decided that despite the pain (idiot that I am) I was going to go back to the gym and squeeze a slow 4-miler in just in case I couldn't do my 11-miler this weekend. My run hurt like hell and the only time the pain really went away was about an hour after my workout. Huh? Running on it fixed it? That's entirely counter-intuitive!

Today, my heel is slightly sensitive and I'm just a bit sore on the top of my foot/ankle. But compared to how I was feeling before my run, I'm SO much better. My calf hardly hurts at all! YAY! And I've come to realize that at least I'm lucky to be running one of the few marathons in April that has a half marathon option -- that wasn't a possibility in New York or the Marine Corps. So as bummed as I would be not to run the full (its my birthday wish, after all!), at least I can do something!!!

In other endorsements, after my treadmill run, I limped over to Dave's Running in Perrysburg to talk to them. How perfect that I came right before closing when there was 4 employees with no other customers. They all patiently listened to my long list ailments and the remedies I've tried and although the didn't sell full replacement legs/feet, they did actually point out that maybe the treadmill usage in the last two weeks is a huge contributor (more give and it inevitably changes your gait!). HMM! Interesante! They also highly recommended (short of visiting an actual podiatrist for custom orthodics) the PowerSteps Pinnacle inserts, which is the same brand I vaguely remember my orthopedic doctor recommmending in '07. So I put the money down ($40! Not cheap!) and will keep you posted!!! I also dug up the physicl therapy exercises from that same orthopedic doctor and will start doing those too in high hopes.

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shirley said...

Sorry to hear about your injuries. I got similar problems with regular running cuz I'm a girl with flat feet too. I'm trying to get by with custom orthotics & regular visits to the chiropractor. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!