Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes I Think I Might Just Be Crazy

Seriously... tomorrow I venture on the MS Bike to the Bay Challenge with my boyfriend and pals Jeff and Kristinna. Its 75 miles each day... 150 miles. Have you noticed yet that I seem to take a life list item and beat it to death yet?

1. run a marathon :: finished two now in 2007 and 2008. Was attempting #3 for this past April but got a stress fracture. Healing up and getting used to orthotics so I can attempt #3 again for this Fall in Columbus.

2. complete a triathlon :: finished a sprint in Fall of 2008. Just did another this past weekend but I was slow as heck so I'm now shopping around for a new bike and looking into my next races.

4. ride a century (100mile) -- finished 100 miles with Tessa in August of 2009. Now I'm doing 150 this weekend even though its already been checked off my list.

Its kinda annoying that I'm not repeating things like visitng Japan or Kenya! But at the very least, all these repeat life list items above are helping me get one step closer to this one:

104. wear a bikini and feel 100% gorgeous + confident with my body

I do have to report that although I have bought some BEAUTIFUL swimsuits recently before my last vacation... my wonderful boyfriend does actually do a great job and making me feel gorgeous even when the mirror doesn't. However, I want definition in my stomach and to svelte down my legs/hips and to just lose that 10 lbs of Ohio weight I've put on (no more beer or fried foods!).

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