Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions and such...

Ok... I know there are a lot of folks out there that shun the whole New Year's resolution thing. And, yes, it is overhyped... but obviously as a girl with a strong life-list goal, I buy into the hype. I make resolution on my birthday in April as well, for Pete's sake. So I have a few... and I'm publishing so I stick to 'em.

1. Get in better shape/run a marathon: God bless the two-fer's. I already feel a little unaccomplished from my 2010 running resume. I only started running in 2006 and I'm very proud to have 6 half marathons, 2 full marathons and two triathlons under my sometimes very-snug fitting belt. But last year... I attempted the Nashville marathon only to be sidelined by a stress fracture. Then I tried the Dayton Air Force half marathon and despite being FULLY ready and fit for it, I collapsed for no explainable reason at mile 7.

So I need redemption people... and the fact that I have a wedding in August where I wanna be a supa hot bride is not enough motivation! I need a race besides... its the competitiveness (with myself really) that makes me workout. I hate running... no lie. But I love that feeling of accomplishment.

So I signed up with a local running store (Dave's Running) to train for the full Glass City marathon in April. Although the training is more runs per week... they're much smaller sessions than I'm used to. And this will be the first time I incorporate strength training which I think will be essential to losing weight/improving my time/remaining stress-fracture free. I'm pretty excited to train... for now. ;)

2. In my business, I need to start self-marketing myself. Finally update my super outdated design portfolio website. Start pitching myself to businesses (especially local ones). Making nice business cards and joining some small business groups locally. I'm actually pretty good at pitching myself to new clients... so I should actually start doing it even though I was lucky enough to be successful alone last year based on word-of-mouth from other clients.

3. I also want to become a more integrated part of the Toledo/Whitehouse area. Obviously after buying a house last year and with plans to marry my wonderful fiancee this one, I ain't going nowhere folks. And although I have a few wonderful friends here, I need to network more and meet some more great people. I think the running group, and the business groups will help... but I'd also like to start volunteering as well somewhere. Its a lot harder here to find the opportunities as it was in NYC and Boston, but I'm a pretty determined lady, you know.

That's it for now... but its an evolution. I'm sure there are a few items on my life list that I'll knock out too. Let's pick a few to push for now, shall we? How about these:
13. run a half-marathon in less than 2 hours (PR is 2:08:59)
16. drink 8 glasses of water a day for one full month
27. target practice at a shooting range
67. read the Bible (I started this in 2010 but it has dropped off a bit)
68. grow and eat my own herbs + vegetables
70. learn to pray the rosary (in memory of my grandmother + with her rosary)
75. watch all 100 of the AFI's 100 years, 10th anniv edition :: 67 out of 100 so far... I think I can knock off the last 33 this year esp now that we can now order Netflix on demand with our Blu-Ray
78. develop a better/stricter budget and stick to for at least 3 months
79. pick back up my contributions to my 401K/IRA
83. take up art more regularly (though drawing, painting, photography, or mixed media)
86. sell some type of art/product
104. wear a bikini and feel 100% gorgeous + confident with my body
111. go on a picnic complete with basket, blanket, wine, and a cute guy

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blogorelli said...

i always like hearing your resolutions each year, they are a perfect balance of BIG and "small pleasures." good luck!