Thursday, March 1, 2012

Water water everywhere

"16. drink 8 glasses of water a day for one full month"

I don't know why this one has alluded me for the five years since I wrote this list but being that its almost 5pm on March the 1st and I've had two cups of coffee and 1 glass of Crystal Light and ZERO water, I'm going to go for this one this month (which means a lot of water to be crammed in tonight).

I'm the worst at drinking water. Whenever I go for my long runs, I always get a headache that night, and I'm pretty positive that its because of my eternal dehydration.

I also have a wicked fast heartbeat at most times, PRIMARILY when I'm working out. Its been as high as 224! (which would mean I'm -4 if you use the whole deduct your age from 220 to find your max heartbeat equation). Usually it hovers between 190 and 200 when I'm running. Insane, right? After a clean Echo Stress Test last fall, everything with my ticker proved fine and the doctor's conclusion was maybe I wasn't drinking enough water. He's right about that.

So operation hydration in full effect starting right now! Excuse me while I fill up my favorite water bottle.

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skydiving in stilettos said...

Oh my God. I just chugged 14 oz of water in 3 minutes. Belly ache.