Monday, April 2, 2012

Week workout recap: 3/26-4/1

(Side note: I've fallen off that damn water-drinking wagon... I swear I'll do better and try again soon!).

So in an attempt to get in shape, I'm following a program in the book "Racing Weight: Quick Start Guide"... its a fascinating book that follows a low-carb, high-protein diet not to the extreme of South Beach or Atkins, but enough to follow the given workout plan that is filled with intervals, hill sprints and weight training (all things that have seriously helped me lose weight in the past) along with 1 fat-burning workout on the weekend... basically you get up first thing in the morning, drink a bit of water and go for a long slow run burning fat rather than the carbs you eat to fuel yourself... a little dodgey but it was fine this weekend. I did skip two runs but they have you doing a LOT and I'm easing into it. Here's hoping I only skip 1 (or none!) this week.

Recap of last week's workout:

Monday, March 26 - 40min easy run (3.99miles), 15minutes of strength training (they only have you doing 1-circuit... its fantastically quick and doesn't leave you as sore)

Tuesday, March 27 - 15min warm-up, 4 30-second hill springs with a recovery walk back down, 15min cool-down (3.25miles)

Wednesday, March 28 - 40min easy run (3.58miles), 12minutes of strength training (again, only 1 circuit)

Thursday... I skipped my workout... boo.
Friday... I also skipped. I was running around town celebrating my husband's last day on the job.

Saturday, March 31. I did Friday's workout instead and skipped that day's 40minute easy run. So I did a Cycling Power Interval. Basically 10minute warm-up, 12 10-second sprints on a high gear with 1minute recoveries, and another 10minute cool-down. And it was CRAZY COLD that morning too. Then I also did a 10-minute strength training session.

Sunday, April 1. 60minute fat-burning run (6.32miles).

Running = 17.14miles
Biking = 7.6miles
Strength Training = 37 total minutes

Not bad for my first week... I'm going to try to add a swim into my routine this week and maybe a regular bike session in hopes that a June triathlon could be a souvenir from all this interval training (with my new "Racing Weight"!).

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