Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Life List Item Complete: No Soda!

I write this post as I happily sip a root beer. Oh, how I have missed you, my dear friend.

So near the end of September 2007, I vowed to give up soda for a full year (number 17 on the life list). It was a dumb weakness of mine. A horrible habit. And probably partially to blame for my crappy teeth problems. So I completely rid myself of it for 365 days (although I do confess to a single can of ginger ale when I had a tummy ache in February. . . but ginger ale is a borderline soda in my opinion).

Now I shall not withhold myself from it eternally, but I will not nearly drink it ever on a frequent basis. Or ever buy it for my home. Its a slippery slope, folks. I shall reserve it for special occasions — such as a Vanilla Coke at a diner or when I am forced to eat fast food on a Bolt Bus stop (such as now).

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