Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oops, I Did Again

Talk about crazy juxtapositions again. The other night it was ice cream and "The Biggest Loser". Tonight its mashed potatoes, a single can of beer that's been in my fridge FOREVER and "America's Next Top Model". Skinny bitches make me hungry! I'm a bit of a couch potato lately, huh? I did a good abs/arms workout today though and have big plans for working out in the next few days and have been working my a** off, so its ok. And I just got my braces tightened and am on a mashed potato, applesauce, or oatmeal diet for the next few days. And the alcohol also eases the pain!

Can't wait to show you my cool logos for my friend Shelley — a phenomenally talented Indian Bridal Fashion Designer. And my logos for a local favorite printer of mine. And lots of holiday cards (yes, early huh?). And two web sites for some very talented photographers. And new stationery for a local interior designer. BUSY BUSY BUSY! And more leads on the way!

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