Monday, November 17, 2008

Randoms & Ramblings: Week of November 17

**This is a new series I'm developing for the ole blog. I find that most of my interesting tidbits are mere blurbs and not full posts. Look for one weekly (in addition to the 8 thousand posts I'm delinquent on about camping, sushi class, moving, my new job, the marathon. . . obv it goes without saying, I've been a bit too busy to post!)**

- So I was walking down a street in Soho this weekend (after going to the Moss sample sale and being thirty seconds too late to score a $50 Cycloc. CRAP!), and some dude with a clipboard approached me. I was skeptical and then almost laughed my butt off when he said they had filmed me walking down the street and wanted to get my release to use it on a TV show. What TV show, you ask? The Hills on MTV. I'll tell Lauren Conrad you said 'sup.'

- This was only my second time ever doing it, but there's nothing better and more New York-y than running over the Brooklyn Bridge (or walking for that matter). I heart it so much and it brings back memories of my high school NYC field trip (oh and when Miranda and Steve reunited in the Sex in the City movie too, OF COURSE!). There was a crazy high school marching band playing on this particular Sunday morning. But I find not too much strikes me as odd in NYC any longer.

- Speaking of something that isn't as odd as it sounds. . . so I was on the subway on Saturday afternoon when a group of 5 men boarded. The one comes straight to me and declares very loudly "Miss. My brotha fell in love with you the second he boarded this train. Can we dedicate this song to you?" I just laughed. He turned to his "brotha" and said "She said its OK, man. She said its OK." To which I declared "Uh. . . I don't think I actually said anything." He was a little thrown off his routine until I said "I'm just kidding. Its OK." And they continued on to sing a very lovely barbershop song and give me a nice fist-bump . . . they were pretty good too. They better have been though because I was obviously obliged to give them a dollar since it was dedicated to me. That was just sneaky trickery.

- And speaking of TRAINS (sheesh, I should be a broadcast journalist with my lead-ins, eh?), I was wondering this morning on the F train: those people you see that are asleep on the train (like 20% of commuters) — don't they have somewhere to be at a certain time?!? Aren't they totally freaked out that they'll miss their stop?!?

- And lastly. . . my week's revelation. I have a serious obsession with Asians (pears, that is). Damn, that must have been the fruit someone was eating when the term "nature's candy" was coined. Thank you DBOX for buying fresh fruit every week. And thank you Asians. You make a helluva pear.

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