Tuesday, December 9, 2008

d to the box

Started at dbox advertising and design (dbox.com) on October 30. I can't believe its been over a month already. The work is very cool — although of course for now I've adopted a lot of older projects but I'm interjecting some creativity where I find my windows so I'm definitely into it. Its kinda fun being more of a designer than an art director. Don't get me wrong — I'm definitely more of a manager if I can eventually find a spot for that where they didn't desperately need more designers (like the last job) — but its a fun little vacation for the time being. I'm also doing a lot more things that I haven't had the opportunity to before — web, interactive, advertising, books — its great to get more variety into my work. I hope dbox grows more (present recession period excluded of course) and I can along with them. The clients are amazing and its fun to be working w such amazing and inspiring architecture. I'm definitely learning a lot about the real estate sector.

Additionally, the people are just plain amazing. Very friendly. Very hip. Very international and diverse. And I really like that its not just graphic designers but animators & videography artists, photography managers, web designers/programmers, production artists, account directors, and of course a crew of AMAZING 3D renderers. Everyone's so supportive as well and its nice to be fitting into a place where I feel like I'm contributing both great ideas and good and unique design. I don't need to be babied of course — but who doesn't need to be told their work is good every now and then?

Oh, and the espresso machine and cute digs in an adorable neighborhood don't hurt either.

Here are some links to our work:
www.talisker.com (currently under redesign though)
www.dillon53.com (teaser site only for now)
www.50unp.com (teaser site only for now)

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