Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sweet! (and kinda gross at the same time)

This just out from the Daily Mail Reporter and BuzzFeed:

Revealed: Women feel at their sexiest aged 34 but enjoy love-making more as they get older
By Daily Mail Reporter

According to a new study, women feel sexiest when they're 34 years old (which is, for instance, Elizabeth Banks' age). And although women in their 20s and 30s are having the most sex (10.4 times a month), women between 45 and 60 (who're doing it 4.5 times a month) say they're enjoying sex more than when they were younger. Somewhere, a Sex and the City fan is excitedly emailing her friend.

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First of all, "10.4 times a month." If there was a boyfriend in the picture well obviously (or more I'd hope) but, if not, holy slutness, batman. I will reveal that my new life in NYC is anything but "Sex in the City."

Secondly, "women between 45 and 60 say they're enjoying sex more than when they were younger". . . please Lord, no comment Mom.

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