Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Yea . . . That Crazy List!

Sweet Baby Jesus forbid that the world wide web should forget my mission with this blog, I did originally start this as a journal of my mission to accomplish as many items as possible on my Life List. As a reminder, I don't truly plan to accomplish everything on this list because lives change, people evolve, and, frankly, I really don't care anymore if I really do run up the stairs of the Chicago Sear Tower (#12). That's why I cleverly wrote item #81 so that I could make a new list and keep/delete whatever ones I haven't already done. I'm smart, eh?

Anyhow, life has distracted me with new jobs, more marathons (who would have thought I would accomplish list item #1 TWICE?!), and moving to fabulous new cities... but I've still checked off 16 items in 2008. However I haven't really been working towards any lately beyond my movie and book lists (#74 and 75) since I've moved over a month ago.

So since its so much of a motivation to declare my goals to the world . . . I will now share with you the items I'm thinking of tackling next:

15. do a yoga 30-day challenge :: since I haven't joined a New York gym yet and I'm not currently training for any other races, I may just make use of one of the yoga studios deals for these 30-day challenges in January or February. Plus those are both really good cold months to be in the mood for the hot yoga I love.

16. drink 8 glasses of water a day for one full month :: this may sound easy but I am a camel. Yesterday, I didn't pee once during the day (sorry to reference my pee schedule). And its because I hardly ever drink water. Which means that on my recent budget, I'm not drinking the juice and sparkling water I love so much either. Just lots of coffee at work. . . which as we know for every one coffee you need to drink TWO waters. So I've poured myself a glass now and I'm going to actually start counting. Now's as good a time as any. . . with the holidays, there will probably be a lot of hangovers that need hydrating!

78. develop a better/stricter budget and stick to it for at least 3 months :: really in this economy, who ISN'T on a budget? I definitely have been but not as formally as I'd like to. More lists here I come (sorry, I ain't sharing my expenses list with ya'll though).

85. knit an entire sweater :: totally. I need a good sweater and the super cute knitting store I discovered on my lunch break today is definitely urging me to start now.

98. one week without a single curse word :: I haven't really established that I have been trying to conquer this but I rarely cuss at all any more (I think its because I'm no longer at my last job. tee hee.) so let's start now! hopefully I can scratch another item off on December 23!

99. go one week without complaining :: gosh darn it (see life list item #98. . . I'm starting already), I am SO in a good mood with all this holiday cheer and they super fluffy snow today. Let's start this one now too and see where I am on December 23. call me out if you hear me complaining or cussing (or probably both since they do seem related).

And best of luck to all of you on your lists and/or New Year's resolutions!


Jessica said...

Here's my list (not 100 or whatever, I'm not that ambitious) I call it the nine in 2009.

1) Buy more organic food/locally farm grown food for my family.

2) Run a MINIMUM of 3 5ks - this counts if I run larger races.

3) Floss at least three times a week.

4) Take up Yoga

5) Figure out what the hell I'm going to do with my career.

6) Explore a refinance of my house, and refi if the rates are low enough to save me good money.

7) Save money for Christmas and college educations.

8) Pay off CC debt.

9) Begin and keep a gratitude journal. This is actually the most important one, because I think that by focusing on gratitude, it'll improve my outlook on life. If I do just this one, that would be good.

skydiving in stilettos said...

these are great list items!!

So I already have to start over on the water and the cussing. I said shit. I'm so un-ladylike. :(