Thursday, April 22, 2010

Running on the Brain

As I head into my 32nd birthday which happens to be on the exact day of the Nashville Marathon that I was SUPPOSED to be running, I'm naturally a little bummed to be sitting on the sidelines (although I'm wicked proud to cheer on my dad, sisters, boyfriends and pals).

So let me just take a few seconds to pat myself on the back. When I made this life list, it was April of 2007 and I hadn't ever done longer than a 5k race at that point (although I was training for my first half marathon). I put run a full marathon as my number 1 item on this life list... and here's where I stand today (even without that stinky hilly thunderstormy marathon this weekend):

2 full marathons (2007 Marine Corps in DC and 2008 NYC // PR = 4:28:14)
6 half marathons (3 in 2007, 1 in 2008, 2 in 2009 // PR = 2:05:07)
1 7.5 miler (PR = 1:15:00)
2 10Ks (PR = 55:31)
2 5-milers (PR = 46:44)
6 5Ks (PR = 26:12)
1 Sprint Triathlon (PR = 1:30:24)

THAT'S EXACTLY 20 RACES!!! I can't believe the world's most unathletic and clumsy girl has accomplished so much. Two stress fractures over the years is a small price to pay and with the new custom orthotics I'll be fitted with next week, hopefully the next three years will be with even less injury!

So, I guess I'll get over sitting this one out. But don't think I'm not spying a whole list of triathlons and running races for the rest of 2010 as I recover and try to regain my fitness level back!

Out to run 3 measly little miles. Although with two months off, its actually pretty tough. No wonder so many runners still don't think they can run a full marathon (you can! you can!).


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