Friday, April 9, 2010

Back on the Google Reader Bandwagon

This post is dedicated to my little sister... who mentioned to me yesterday that she literally goes to my blog everyday to see if I post. I wonder how much time she has wasted in the last 10 months of my sporadic blog career? Anyhow, I'll try to do better.

It started this morning. Well before I usually even begin work around 9, I like to spend an hour watching the Today/GMA shows and eating my breakfast and getting the sleep out of my eyes. I force the beau to not leave the house unless my two feet have hit the carpet because it would be too easy to just lull around in bed for half the morning. Therefore, I'm up at 7:15am and I spend the time I would previously have used primping and commuting to work -- being a total couch potato. No mas, mi amigos.

Whether its household tasks or a short bike ride or just reading the blogs that have taken over my bookmarks or the endless tabs I always have in my browser (I have an average of 20-30 webpages open at any time with articles that I want to go back to and read). I will henceforth be more productive with my mornings... and hopefully, with my blog posting too! My vacation is over... I have a ton of new clients for my own business here and I'm officially detoxed from my Boston/NYC overload from the past few years. I even usually go to bed around 11. Do you even recognize me, people?

So if any of you actually remember a post from a while ago, I had picked up the lovely Google Reader tool. I think I stopped using it around the time I also killed my former laptop. This morning... I updated it with all the new blogs I check. And deleted all the old cruddy ones I never really liked (and the blogs that have gone defunct in the last two years). And I'm freshly updated with new posts whenever they come in... no more checking and re-checking blogs that haven't been updated in a while. And while I added to google reader, I deleted from my bookmark. I have enough crazy articles and favorite pages to keep up with that I don't need those bookmarked as well.

I highlllly recommend that you all get a google reader for your blogs. It basically lets you know how many posts you haven't reviewed from all your fave sites. I honestly don't know how I survived with out it for so long but I can tell you it wasn't very efficient!

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blogorelli said...

Hope I'm in the "gmail reader" and not "cruddy old" category!