Friday, June 6, 2008

Woo hoo! Google Reader!

Ok - I'm probably the last to know about this, but the other day my coworker Ben (my total source for anything too techy for little old me), showed me the ropes on Google Reader. I was able to input and categorize all my favorite blogs so that I can see at a glance which have been updated since I've last viewed them. How I ever lived without this I don't know... but I'm sure I've wasted lots of time re-checking some of my favorites way too often.

I'm a blog-addict... 44 blogs in my reader and adding more every day! Design blogs. Fashion blogs. General life tip blogs. Friends blogs. Running blogs. This reader makes being a blog addict SO much more efficient! Finally maybe because of Reader, I won't be the last to know of other things in the world!

1 comment:

blogorelli said...

OMG -- I've been meaning to do this "google reader" for a while. Maybe your post will be a great catalyst!