Monday, June 2, 2008

NYC Nike Half Marathon -- July 27, 2008

Hoorah! Just found out today that I made it into the lottery for the NYC Nike Half Marathon! So did my sister Tessa!

This was (besides the Marine Corps full marathon last year) my absolute favorite race. Not only did I do my best half-marathon time: 2:08:59... pretty good for being 90 degrees, but the course was a lap through Central Park, down 7th Avenue through Times Square, right on 42nd Street, and left on the West Side Highway. There's something about running through Times Square... with the neon pumping and the street shut down... I felt like I had a crazy burst of energy at that point of the race like the electricity was also being pumped through me as well. Let's hope I feel that way as well this year...

Training begins tomorrow! I'll find out mid-June if I make it into the full NYC marathon for November.

Here's a pic of me that was in the gallery page of last year's race. Mile 12... I can't believe I'm blowing kisses because if I remember how bad I had to pee and that my blister on my foot was bleeding, I should have actually been giving that photographer the finger.

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