Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Running Machine...

So far I'm doing... um... ok with the training. It ain't easy trying to mesh the half-marathon with the triathlon training. The only thing I'm delinquent on (assuming I go for a another 3-miler tonight) is my swimming... I need 45 minutes of pool time but since there's no pool at my gym, I'm just going to pay $10 to go to the Y on Saturday. Although... the Blackstone Community Center's pool directly behind my apartment will be opening back up in a few weeks after getting a new filter installed and the membership price is — get this — $30... FOR A YEAR! I cannot wait!

Unlike last year's marathon training, this year, I'm really making an effort to make up for any miles I miss each week (within reason of course)... last year, if I missed a run (or 5) I would just pick back up where I was at. Which meant I would do multiple long runs and entirely skip my shorter weekly runs. And wouldn't you know, I ended up with a stress fracture. Silliness and stupidity.

So last night I did 4.5 miles with the Niketown Running Group last night (was going to do 3.5 but then I found out the Longfellow bridge sidewalk was closed and I didn't want to do the back and forth run as they had planned). And then this morning I did a 3 mile interval run (trying to build up speed). I looooove running in the morning... if I could get up even earlier than 6 right after the sun rises, that would be even better. Its so zen when I'm up running and hardly anyone is out.

Check out my side bar updates... with my Nike+ profile and the Wehrman sister challenge.


Jessica said...

I have decided to root for whoever is currently behind.

So today, Go Tessa!

Anonymous said...

Running sounds like it's good for you - takes your mind off your everyday stress.