Friday, June 27, 2008

Achilles Track Club coming to Boston

I'm so excited... this weekend my sister Tessa is coming to town with some of the members of the Achilles Track Club from NYC. I'm going to join them in the POW-MIA Race/Walk for Freedom so I can get a glimpse of the program and prep myself for setting up a Boston club (efforts will start a little more in July when my life is slightly less insane). I want to reach out to local groups of disabled and wounded veterans and such first because I think finding the volunteers will be easy through Boston Cares, Niketown Wednesday night crew, BostonFit, other running groups, and just general craigslist postings and / ads.

My fundraising efforts for this group are also going pretty well and I'm 30% to my goal because of some serious generous donations! Thanks to all! And any of you readers out there who haven't donated, we appreciate any amount — no contribution is too small. Thanks in advance... the support from my friends and family has been truly touching.

Look for a post how the race goes goes!

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