Monday, June 30, 2008

POW-MIA Run for Freedom with the Achilles Track Club

Sunday I was able to enjoy a very foggy, very humid 5-mile run with the NYC Achilles Track Club. Stewart (who runs the NYC Club) and Matt (a visually-impaired runner) and wheelchair-runner Peter (Iraq veteran) all came from New York to run the POW-MIA Run for Freedom in Dorchester/South Boston. Even better, they brought along my sister Tessa! Hoorah!

Tessa and I started along with Matt and Stewart (Peter obviously started earlier in the wheelchair division using a super sleek handcrank that the ATC had brought up for him). At the first mile mark, we were seriously panting (while Matt and Stewart looked like they were off for a leisurely stroll)... when I check our time at that mile, I realized it was 8:30! About a minute or slightly more under my traditional pace. Add the humidity and the mass amount of champagne and sun from the polo match the day before and it was definitely not easy. I pushed Tess the first few miles and she definitely had to push me the last few. Some jerk had put bricks in my shoes for the last half mile! But Tessa (who beat me by a second!) and I ran pretty good times with a pace of 9:21. I'll need to pick it up for the NY half-marathon in a few weeks if I want to beat 2 hours! But I'm happy with 5-mile PR (personal record for you non-runners)... although I think the PR may be because I've never actually ran a 5-mile race. ;)

Afterwards, they had Sapporo beer on tap and hot dogs! Much better than the usual bagels and bananas! I also met/recruited Mark from the latest season of The Biggest Loser. He ran wicked fast while pushing his son in a stroller — very impressive. When I mentioned that I was trying to organize a Boston Achilles Track Club, he was really excited and said his brother and him would love to help. He was sooo nice, friendly, and down-to-earth. I also met another friendly guy named Chris who was the other participant in the wheelchair-division and recruited him for the Boston Achilles Track Club too! He was using a very worn-down handcrank so I'm hoping (as is he) that once we get this group up and running, we can work on getting the Boston team a better one that he can use.

All-in-all, the race was so much fun (albeit harder than normal) and it was so great to meet part of the Achilles Track Club team. Today, I get to remember the great day fondly as I ice the hell out of my "posterior shin splints" (I'm calling today to get an appointment for custom orthotics -- damn my flat feet).


Lindsay said...

Do you wear any special shoe for running since you have flat feet?

My bf has flat feet and needs to find something better to wear when he runs...

merseydotes said...

That's so cool you got to meet Mark from TBL! I love that show. Nice to know that he is still living the lifestyle and hasn't slipped back into his old ways!

skydiving in stilettos said...

Lindsay -- I got fitted at marathon sports in boston for specific shoes. I am a major over-pronater on my left foot and neutral on my right which is why I have such problems (bc I refuse to wear two different shoes!). Generally flat feeters need shoes that are specifically labeled motion-control to keep from rolling your feet in but it would probably be best to go to a specialty running store so they can watch him walk and pick a specific shoe for his foot type.

I am getting special orthotics since my feet are so different though (

Good luck!

blogorelli said...

OMG, i can't believe that you met MARK from TBL!!! i was totally addicted to that show last seaon.

he still looks great (as do your teeth, lady...that smile is straighter with every foto)