Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What a difference 5 months make!!!

Yes, you may not recognize me any longer, friends... both because I was brunette 5 months ago (and going back to my natural blonde color was so difficult that I may never do it again too) and even more so because MY TEETH ARE STRAIGHT!

When I went in to Dr. Korn's office this morning, my one single janky tooth (the one that originally was about 90 degrees from what it was supposed to be about 5 months ago) was still hanging out behind all the others. With a little tightening of my braces and — KAPOW! — she has finally joined the party.

Check out my pic from early-February compared with now. TA-DA! It's like magic! Too bad I still have a little more straightening and then letting them settle before I can get these crazy things off.

(Pardon my creepy close-ups)


Jessi said...

Looking good! See, it'll all be worth it in the end. I promise. I feel comfortable smiling with my teeth showing for the first time in my life. ORTHODONTIA WORKED FOR ME.

blogorelli said...

YEA! Having seen the straight pearlies in person, they are beauts.

skydiving in stilettos said...

oh, blogorelli... they're even better now if you can believe it!

Lindsay said...

I like the blonde hair better!!

[Random commenter :)]