Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Engagements and a Baby

No, folks... that is not the title of a new reality TV show. Rather, its a summary of my previous week (or friends' weeks, I guess... I actually haven't been QUITE that busy).

Congratulations go out to:

1. Ian and Melinda. Ian is my coworker and was born to be a daddy — I could tell the minute he told us his wife was expecting. Meet Lukas Michael (photo below), born June 22... so cute and apparently a pretty good guy so far from what I hear. I cannot wait to meet him and I'm so happy for Melinda and Ian.

2. Jen and TC. Too cute... TC proposed to Jen last week on a hike in Virginia. They've been dating for longer than I've known either of them. Which is weird because I feel like I've known them forever — that may have something to do with the fact that (1) they adopted my sister and I for Thanksgiving last year, stuffed me with turkey and Tusker beer and then went on to to humiliate my Wii ass and (2) they have seen me officially drunker and dumber than I ever want to remember (luckily I don't). No matter how long I've known (or feel like I've known) them, I couldn't be more thrilled for these two. I cannot wait to toast you two with a nice martini (but not 4!!).

3. Lynn and Matt. Ok, let my just tell you how this went down (yes, Lynn, I'm still gonna whomp on you for this)... Jen and Lynn are very good friends. I heard about Jen's engagement and was talking to Lynn about it last night on the phone. We also talked about my running progress and the Achilles Club, her recent exam that she had been studying her pants off for, life in general, the weather, our families, the Johnson's house expansion, and pretty much every other topic possible... when 10 minutes into the conversation she says nonchalantly: "so I got engaged today." Even though I knew the likelihood of her and Matt getting engaged soon was very high considering how long they've been dating and how stinking cute they are together, I totally did not believe her because (a) I thought she was joking given Jen's engagement news and (b) how the hell could she hold that in for 10 whole minutes! I know her too well to not have known she had these kinds of acting talents! Anyhow... hilarious. But I'm still going to whomp on you, Lynn. And then I will hug you and scream really really loud and jump up and down with you! I'm so happy for Lynn and Matt and know that they will have a great life together!

*sigh* I'm exhausted already from all this fun. Alright... who else has news for me?

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Jessica said...

That baby is REALLY freaking cute.

So are those couples.