Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Poor Kitty

I know it's a weird request but please keep my poor 18-year-old kitty Midnight in your prayers. She's not doing too well (although she's a very good sport about).

In the last week:
- she's scratched her left ear open... twice
- she lost her voice over a week ago and it still hasn't come back
- she's developed some discharge from her ear and left eye (sorry that's kinda gross)
- she's lost a half a pound (which for a six pound cat is a huge amount)
- she's only blinking from her right eye (which she's done for a long time but apparently that's a big deal and I just didn't know it)
- and she's been looking up at me with the saddest big eyes. :(
They've ruled out a lot of things... except it still could possibly be a tumor.
Luckily she's still eating and using her litter box which are VERY good signs but I think the world could be ending before she stopped eating.

She's on meds and the vet is pretty concerned. So if the meds don't start helping by Thursday, I have to bring her in for an emergency appointment.

I have to say... I've known for a while that her time was approaching but I'm so worried that it may be soon and she may suffer. She's the most loyal and affectionate cat and, even though I'm much more of a dog person, I can't help but totally adore that little furball. I've had her for so long, she's like family.

I'm one worried mama.

(cute photo compliments of Jen (of Jen + TC in the previous blog)


Jessica said...

Oh, Midnight!

Now I'm worried....

blogorelli said...

midnight is such a sweet little thing, i'm sending positive kitty vibes out to her (and mama vibes out you!)


tizzle said...

oh no! midnight! i feel bad... send her hugs

skydiving in stilettos said...

visited her at lunch and she's being a very sweet little bunny. boo. I feel bad for her and her oversized cone. she looks like a total fool but she is still pretty cute.

here's hoping these antihistimines start working and it isn't something worse.