Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Skinny...

OK... so I ran a marathon last year, and i kinda figured that running 30+ miles a week for 6 months would make me skinnier naturally. But I actually never really ever leaned up a whole lot in 2008. Don't get me wrong... I'm not overweight and I'm grateful for what I have, but I've always thought I'd be happier if I was a bit more toned and svelt (who doesn't though?!).

So now this year... in addition to running, I've been better with what I eat (though I'm not going to lie, I do splurge more than I should), I've been better at doing core workouts regularly, and I've obviously been crosstraining with the August 17 sprint triathlon approaching (again, not as well as I should be doing, but I just joined a pool right behind my house so hopefully I can workout more consistently between that and adding morning workouts to my routine).

And although I've only actually lost about 4 or 5 pounds... I've been also taking measurements because I know that I'm adding muscle. In the last month and a half since I started taking those measurements, I've lost about 3 inches of booty (I'll always have a booty though) and about 4-5 inches of waist! I'm wearing pants today that I haven't worn in two years! I seriously cannot believe how fast I'm getting leaner. Its great incentive to keep up the good work (and try even harder!).



LegallyBoston said...

Running really does a number on the body overall!

I was going to do a half marathon this past May so started to train the beginning of this year. I ended up not doing it, but even running the small amount that I was helped my body tone up big time!

blogorelli said...

cnograts on your running routine and getting into those pants, chica. can't wait to see the 'leaner meaner mel' soon!

Gina DeDominici Graphic Design said...

Wow! Good to know! I've been having trouble getting into the whole exercise thing, but reading your post gives me some hope. I would like to get into some old pants too!