Tuesday, July 8, 2008

#51 on the ole' Life List

So... its not definite yet (have to see if I can get a reservation and the lady is out of the office today), but I may be knocking "#51: Ride a hot air balloon" off of my list! I am heading to Stowe, Vermont this weekend for the "Stoweflake Balloon Festival" and I am so ridiculously excited. I've always had a weird fascination with hot air balloons. I've never been in one and I've always wanted to ride one a la Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

I'll keep you posted! Should be a great weekend either way. They have a phenomenal 5.5 mile Recreation Path too that goes past another weird childhood obsession of mine... the von Trapp Family (Sound of Music) cottage where they moved to and are now all buried (well, mostly buried actually as a few are still around and kicking). Sounds like the perfect spot for my 11-mile run!



Anonymous said...

There is a wonderful balloonfest going on this weekend in a city about 47 miles west of Columbus, Ohio. Depending on how the wind blows, the balloons will be flying over a infamous landmark from "skydiving's" childhood. The Von Trapp's got nothin over us baby!!

skydiving in stilettos said...

they had 10 kids and a traveling band... I think they have a few things over on you. ;)

blogorelli said...

ok, hot air ballooning AND the von trapp house? "W H O A"

have fun!!!