Friday, July 4, 2008

Running Personal Records

Since last week, I got a PR (personal record in running lingo) last week at the POW-MIA Run for Freedom (okay, let's be honest here... I got a PR there because it was the ONLY 5-mile race I've actually particpated in!). And in a few weeks, I'm trying for a PR of under 2 hours at the half-marathon in NYC (life list #13)... that's going to be tough though since I'm suffering from some major posterior (insides of my calves) shin splints and since I also did really damn well last year.

So here are my PRs for all 10 of my races so far... I'm a slow runner but I'm not a natural athlete and also didn't start running until two years ago so I'm doing okay in my book.

5K = 26:36 (8:34 pace) on 2/3/08... I've ran 4 5Ks total
5-mile = 46:44 (9:21 pace) on 6/29/08... only one race
10K = n/a... hmm how have I never ran a 10K?
7.5-mile = 1:15:00 (10:00 pace) on 6/24/07... only one race
Half-marathon = 2:08:59 (9:50 pace) on 8/5/07... I've ran 3 half-marathons
Marathon = 4:42:44 (10:47 pace) on 10/28/07... only one so far!

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