Thursday, July 10, 2008

Speaking of Female Dramas... or Feline Dramas

Ok... I hate to be crazy cat woman but good old Midnight is seriously putting me through the ringer this month (and costing me a fortune).

This morning as I was giving her her medicine, she randomly started yowling. I found it odd because it meant her mouth was way open to give her her meds which she's much too smart for. So I gave her the drop of benadryl when I noticed red oozing out of her mouth. For the next ten or fifteen minutes, she just kept bleeding out of her mouth. I thought maybe she had bit her tongue again (although she's never oozed blood before). When I returned to feed her, I saw one of her big front teeth sitting on the floor. I know she's old and all and this stuff happens but with the blood it really freaked me out.

So I called the vet and they said losing one of these bigger fangs means she probably has an infection in her mouth. So I'm heading back to the vet on Monday. Luckily, she's at least doing better on the ear front. Poor kitty. I'm still shocked she's in such good spirits. I hope she remains that way when I make her get a part-time job to help cover these weekly vet bills! ;)

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Jessica said...

Poor kitty! Poor kitty mom!

Aw, Midnight, hang in there. You, too, Lily.