Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Braces Countdown Calculation...

So, at my orthodontist, I can't really ask him how much longer I'll be in my braces without irritating him. Its obviously impossible to completely tell and I'm sure the question is asked so often that its got to drive him understandably bonkers. But when he stepped out of the room, I was able to ask his assistant.

She predicted 4 or 5 more visits. And every visit is 6 weeks apart.
So I calculate that I'll get my gangsta grill off... between December 31 and February 11.

Boo... I was hoping for earlier (like before Christmas) but I know it will be worth it in the end. Maybe she's just padding it so I won't be disappointed. The chompers do look pretty great though (oh, and my headaches and grinding is pretty much gone so I guess that's really the whole point, eh?)... they did a little evening out of the edges too.

In any case, almost next door from his office is my favorite place for an after-braces-tightening lunch: Steve's Greek Restaurant. Mmmm... Avgolomono soup and rice pudding!

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