Monday, July 28, 2008

Nike NYC Half Marathon completed!

So yesterday I finished my FOURTH half-marathon (hell, if you count last years full marathon as two... then SIXTH!). That in and of itself shocks that hairy-heck out of me... I was never really "athletic" and still feel awkward describing myself as such. And less than two years ago, I had never run further than two miles! Added to the fact that I'm not a natural runner (I'm quite slow and I seem to "break" easily with a bevy of injuries) and I'm very grateful I finished this race at all.

Additionally, my sister Tessa and I woke up at 4:30 and left at 5am to get to the race starting line by 6:15am. When we left, it was thunderstorming and disgusting. Around the start of the race, the rain subsided but the humidity remained. According to the race's website, the average temperature was a decent 70° but the average humidity was 90%. I'm not shocked by that high level of humidity because it literally felt like I was running through soup (don't ask how I would know that).

There are only two things I dislike about the NYC half after running it now twice: 1. the 7.5mile beginning through Central Park is very narrow and with 15,000 runners, its either constant zig-zagging or just going slower than your usual pace. Last year I was in a higher corral and I really feel that that resulted in a better time. 2. Both years they said there would be multiple "misting stations" to help with the heat... again, I didn't even see one. Oh well...

Besides that, the race was great... the Central Park portion is just so beautiful that it shockingly goes so fast. The Times Square portion is also quite amazing. The West Side Highway, while slightly boring and unshaded, always has lots of fans and great bands. I had the lucky privilege of my friend Steve joining me to finish the last mile and a half and although I originally feared that I would be annoyed by any peptalk at that point, it really was a saving grace. I was slowing up a lot (see my chart below) because of a blister and just general exhaustion and if it weren't for his encouragement and enthusiasm, I know I would have slowed up even more and possibly even walked for a bit.

So I finished in 2:11:05 (10:00 even pace). In between my 2:10 or 2:15 goal which was great. A little over two minutes slower than last year's race but I assumed it would be even more than that so I'm happy. Tessa finished immediately after me and I was able to find her surprisingly easily! She was definitely hurting a bit because of some health problems she was having earlier in the week, but she looked great and was so psyched to finish.

Then the three of us, with Tessa's good friends Dani and Jenny all headed to a phenomenal (although sweaty for Tessa + me) brunch at Friend of a Farmer in Union Square. So yummy... and by the end of the meal, I was fading and ready for a hot shower and a long nap.

What a great weekend... makes me really want to live in NYC even more! Congratulations to Tessa and all the other runners!


Janette said...

Great job on your half marathon! Way to beat your goal!

tizzle said...

boo yah! we are bad ass mama jamas!

it was good seeing you in your dust ;)