Monday, July 14, 2008

My iPhone Debacle

Okay... so no fancypants new iPhone for me just yet. Even though I specifically told the AT&T agent at the Boylston Street store two months ago when I got my crap replacement phone (for the other phone I had accidentally spilled an entire bottle of sparkling water on), that I would be purchasing the new iPhone. And I specifically even asked if I should just get their cheapest phone without renewing my contract so I could make use of any possible deals... he, of course, explained that if I renewed my contract right then I would get $50 off the cheapy phone whereas there will be no discount with contract on the iPhone anyhow.

Shame on him...
- iPhone with new contract = $199
- iPhone with an upgraded contract (basically a new contract for those who aren't eligible) = $399
- Melissa's due-date for being eligible for the $199 price = September 30, 2008.

I get great actual coverage with AT&T but, as usual, the actual customer service part = sucky. I find that after about 5 years with them, the Boylston Street store agents are particularly bad and unknowledgable.

Sorry for the griping blog... I really hate posting complaints but this incident just really got my goat (whatever that means... I've never fully understood that expression).

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