Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Big Birthday ... Continued

The 30th birthday is officially over, I've caught up on sleep, although I'm still waiting for someone to reveal that I am not actually an adult but a teenager in disguise (a la that dumb movie "13 Going on 30").

Last Friday, we went to the Beehive. It was a great time and I had many "Angels" -- a framboise and champagne cocktail. I did not, however, have any food. Apparently, turning 30 does not make one figure those kinds of basics out. Still had a blast, despite Raj getting kicked out for (1) being Canadian and (2) having a disgusting attitude. (Number 2 so not being true ever of Raj). Thanks to all who turned out. And my apologies for being drunk and silly.

Saturday night, the festivities continued. My sister Tessa and friends Jen + Lynn came up from NYC. We went to Stella with Liz, Kristen, Laura, Umar, Pierre, + Danielle for a fabulous dinner (mmmmm), fabulous conversations, fabulous friends, and fabulous gifts (books, a planter, jewelry, beauty products, ANOTHER cooking class and to go with it an AMAZING cleaver! I didn't even know I wanted a cleaver but I was tickled pink over it! Geniuses. My friends and all their amazing gifts (although unnecessary) are all geniuses and know me SO well!). I'm so grateful

The night continued upstairs at my apartment for a pajamie-jammie-jam. Candy, karaoke, movies, champagne, MATCHING PAJAMAS (how did I not get that photo!?), chocolate fondue. It was awesome... and, um, HELLO!?! Life List #109: Throw an old-school all-girls pajama party sleepover... CHECK!

Great birthday! Definitely better than when I rang in my last decade (nothing bad happened - I think it was just uneventful).

Thanks to everyone! Images to come in that sidebar soon!


Anonymous said...

What the heck! You got ANOTHER cooking class?! And here, I thought I was original...


skydiving in stilettos said...

you are original, darling. no one like you IN THE LEAST! xoxo. this way I don't have to choose between the two classes I was interested in though!!! HOOTIE HOO!!!!