Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vacation 2008 :: San Francisco

Well, I'm just getting ready to leave for the airport to head to Tokyo.

I've had an incredible 14 hours in San Francisco. I had a bit of hairiness with my flight to Chicago -- all flights were delayed about two hours so I tried to get on standby for the earlier flight so I wouldn't miss my SFO connection... to which they said there were only 2 vacant seats and 12 people on standby so they wouldn't even put me on the list... but I proved it pays to be persistent. I stayed near and miraculously was the second to last lucky person to hop on my flight since many people never showed up!

So I made it into San Francisco at about 8:05 to PHENOMENAL weather... hopped in a taxi to Danielle + Scott's house in Russian Hill. Arrived very timely (and HUNGRY)... to be introduced to their cute and cozy apartment (I use 'cozy' as an ambiance and decor description as their place is ANYTHING but small. its in fact very airy and spacious). So we headed down the street to a great small plates seafood place called Pesce on Polk Street. The food and 'refreshing' prosecco was all amazing and the company as well. It was so good to see them after so long and it made me sad that I didn't hang out with them more when they lived in Boston (I guess that mean more San Francisco visits, eh?). Afterwards we headed to Rex bar down the street for some Chimay.

I woke up early this morning and went for a 'run'... I did in fact run but I stopped so much for pictures that my nike ipod says my pace was 18:00 miles for the 5.5 miles I trekked. Funny...

I first went just down the street to the Marina... the sun cast a gorgeous glow on everything even making Alcatrez look picturesque. Went along the bay towards the Golden Gate Bridge and then back-tracked past Ghiradelli square and down the Embarcadero with the sound of the barking sea lions on Pier 39. Kept going until I found the notorious Filbert Steps (which I had never experienced when I lived here in 2000)... my thighs were burning but the views were worth every second of it... as were the unique and brilliant flowers everywhere. Finally made it to the top to Coit tower for more panoramic views...

Then I headed back to Danielle and Scott's house stopping first for some cute white tulips for them and a phenomenal (and well-deserved, I might add) iced coffee and almond croissant from the most adorable French bakery around the corner from them.

Can't wait to show you the photos...what a great morning! I'm trying to edit my sure-to-be massive album already but there are too many great scenes to capture.

Off to Tokyo!!! Syanora!!!


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