Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life List #6: Learn to swim properly


Finished the local Y's "Stroke Technique" (not as sexy as it sounds, you perverts) last Monday. I absolutely fell in love with that class... and how great a workout it was... and I'm loving my new arms.

I'm not a perfect swimmer -- but my freestyle is fastly improved. On the third class I swam the 25yards in 28 seconds. On the last class, I did it in 22. After already swimming 1000 yards beforehand. And I also didn't feel like I was on the verge of death! And I can now breath bi-laterally (sounds fancy, eh?). And I realized that in addition to freestyle, my backstroke is pretty darn good.

Things I need to work on: breaststroke -- I don't know if I'll ever like that swim. And finding better goggles. I went through three and I hated them all. Even the latest one that I thought was good at first. Suggestions?

Now I just need to practice my "proper" swimming stroke more throughout the summer. (OH! Update! I'm not doing the triathlon now in May as originally planned because I'll be in Japan that week. The local Firm-Racing club that organized it though let me put that registration fee towards another tri in August -- the WILD DOG triathlon. I hope there are no actual wild dogs involved as I don't expect to be able to out-run many folks).

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Jess said...

I'm also pretty good at backstroke. Not breast stroke, either. Maybe it's genetic.