Monday, May 12, 2008

Movies of the Weekend

This weekend (shockingly all on Sunday during a full day of house cleaning, packing, laundry, some miscellanous mending/button-replacing, and mass ironing (its like I have a whole new wardrobe since I haven't ironed literally in about 5 months!))... I did a typical Melissa multi-tasking move and watched TWO movies.

Both excellent and highly recommended...

The first was in preparation of my looming Japan trip. I FINALLY watched "Lost in Translation." I don't really need to explain the plot since I'm probably the last person in the world to have watched it, now do I? In any case, I absolutely loved it and am now even more psyched to for my trip. And now I also really want to wear a pink wig and go sing karaoke.

The second was a spur-of-the-moment OnDemand flick selection. "The General" is on the AFI top 100 lists (which is on my life list to watch all 100). Its a 1927 silent film which I was a bit hesitant to watch with my mass amount of ironing because I assumed I wouldn't be able to focus or catch all the subtitles. But I was fully engaged through the entire film (I guess that's why its on the list in the first place). Its the story of Johnnie Gray, a train engineer (the train is named "The General") who wants to be drafted into the Confederate army to impress his girl. They don't let him in because they think he is more useful to the cause as a train engineer. His girl and her family assume he didn't even go to enlist because he is a coward. Then Northern spies steal his train (while she's on board coincidentally) and so begins the chase! Its a drama / comedy because the man has all the worst luck in the world in his pursuit... but all turns out quite well. I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix list. Let's be honest... it can't be any worse than "PS I Love You."

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