Friday, October 10, 2008

Achilles Track Club Fundraising!!! NYC Marathon!!!

Well, I've raised an obscene amount of money and I have 23 days to go before the big marathon. And thank you so much for those who have donated. But I still have a little ways to go before I get that bib number for November 2nd (or else they take the remaining balance out of my much-abused credit card. and with a super sick cat, moving to NYC, and being unemployed these last two months . . . that's one helluva ouch!).

The Achilles Track Club sponsors and supports people with all kinds of disabilities, such as visual impairment, stroke, cerebral palsy, parapalegia, arthritis, amputation, multiple sclerosis, cystic fybrosis, cancer, and many others. This includes everyone from children with disabilities to wounded war veterans. In addition to fundraising efforts to support these inspiring athletes, they also pair runners in their chapters with disabilities to assist their training. . . my sister Tessa is actually running the last half of the race with an epileptic woman. How amazing and inspiring is that? I am so excited to start volunteering with her in New York on Saturday mornings . . . so that I can continue to make an incredible difference in these determined and inspiring athletes' lives. And so they can make a difference in mine.

No donation is too small. I realize we're all tightening our belts but if you think you can't afford it, just donate $10 and skip two Starbucks lattes next week. No amount is too small. And its not so much to show me support in my marathon race, but much more to help these amazing people that fight the odds to accomplishment amazing feats even with major disabilities or war injuries.

Read some of the amazing stories at:
And please please please donate whatever you can here:

Much love...
NYC Marathon November 2, 2008

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