Monday, October 20, 2008

Run-ins While Running!

Today's run was quite frustrating. I'm tapering and went for — what I was thinking was an easy — 13 miler. I didn't make it. I only went 7 and negotiated with myself that I would do another 7 or 8 tomorrow. I didn't tape the arch of my left foot which almost always gets blisters after 5 miles. I thought maybe with my new shoes that were finally breaking in I'd be okay. I wasn't. So rather than letting that hot spot that was really starting to hurt turn into a ginormous blister less than two weeks from the big marathon, I stopped. Bummer but I know I can do the endurance now so its just a matter of keeping my body parts in good shape!!!

In any case, I had two GREAT surprises while I was out! First, at mile 2, I ran into my old MFA-coworker (and friend long before that) Julie! She was looking fit and great in her cute blue velvety track suit listening to tunes and going for a brisk lunchtime walk on the Esplanade. It was such a great surprise (and reason to take a 5 minute break!).

Then as I was just claiming my defeat and walking from Jamaica Pond, another super fit and cute looking gal was walking up the path past me — my old Korn-coworker Shirley! I haven't seen her in probably 9 months or so, so it was an even bigger surprise (although I was in her neighborhood after all). She was so tan and happy and rested! So it was great catching her up on all the latest and hearing what's new with her as well.

What a great day!

1 comment:

Shirley said...

hey lady! love the shout-out i got!
that was the best jp run-in ever!

you looked AMAZING---as usual.

see you on facebook soon!