Sunday, October 19, 2008

Job Update / Life Update / Apartment Update / Cat Update

Wowowowowo. Have I been busy or have I been busy? Both!

Job update: I had 4 really great interviews in NYC. One with And Partners who didn't seem like they were hiring just yet. One with dbox a super cool firm that does some seriously gorgeous luxury print and identity collateral (with . . . um . . . no budgets? Have you ever heard of such a thing?). One with Parham Santana. And one with Pentagram . . . although they weren't currently hiring nor do the hire senior level designers or art directors because of the interesting way that they're structured. But I met with the ever nice and down-to-earth despite his larger than life reputation Michael Bierut. He was great — and even better gave me some of the best compliments of my design career on everything from my composure and personality in addition to my book. He gave me a great tour as well of their super cool place and a coveted limited-edition of the Pentagram Bible.

In the end, I was offered two positions . . . an amazing feat for one week especially in this economy. I was even able to consult Mr. Bierut on his opinions of the two firm and while both were great, I ended up going with dbox. Not only was the work incredible and very inspiring, but I had the pleasure of being interviewed by three people so I got a real feel for the personalities I would work for and alongside which, as you all know, is VERY important to me. The space was AMAZING too. A gorgeous airy, sunny industrial loft in the West Village. I felt chic-er just walking into that place! I start at 10am on October 30 (10am? Love that!).

Then life brought me to some very fun occasions. . . camping in a rustic cabin with no running water and no electricity with my pals Braden, Laura, and Emily. It was a phenomenal trip with all the leaves changing and the air brisk but comfortable. We star gazed, hiked, caught a few moose, and, yes, even went skinny dipping (somehow when I pictured ever skinny dipping, it was with a gorgeous man . . . but it was quite hilarious and fun with all the gals too!). We even spent Saturday morning (clothed) canvasing around the very-Republican and very-small town New Hampshire for Barack Obama. The people were very friendly and it was an amazing experience. I'm glad to have done my very small part.

Also attended the nuptials of Jeff and Jill, some of my favorite coworkers of mine from the MFA. It was out in Lincoln, MA on a gorgeous fall day in a beautiful old house. So picturesque and the bride and groom were both gorgeous. It was a great chance to catch up with all my old MFA coworkers who I love and miss so much. What a great time!

What else? Hmmm. . . its been weeks since I've updated ya'll so I know there's more. Its been a phenomenal month!

Then, apartment hunting in NYC. I saw about 12 to 15 places and in the end applied for the very first one I saw. In the East Village on the cusp of the Lower East Side. I quick 15 minute train ride to work. A fifth floor walkup but well-worth it. It was by far the prettiest, largest (shocking bc it is indeed small), cleanest and best deal of all that I saw. And no realtor fee. Amazing. Exposed brick. Brand new renovated kitchen (granite counters and stainless steel appliances with dark cherry cabinets) a brand new bathroom (with a marble bathtub). A closet (okay I'm downsizing from 4 but most of the places I saw had ZERO closets!). Very sunny with two great windows in the front and two other facing back. And a great alcove for my bed — which is great so you don't see it when you first walk in. I've signed the lease. I have my keys. I cannot wait to decorate. In other news, I've sold A LOT of my furniture all today — $840 already (anyone need a kitchen table, a TV, or a desk chair?)! Probably moving late this week (but I'll be back in Boston for my going away dinner from the gals and to get my braces off!).

Cat is doing great . . . she's the cat who cried wolf. I decided against the $600 diagnostics tests and I'm just waiting to see if she starts seeming miserable. She's been very affectionate and sweet (she has an uncanny sense of when I'm worried about her!). So Midnight (or grandma as I'm going to start calling her) is going strong. Better find a vet in NYC though just in case!

I guess that's it. Lots of really great freelance and tons more packing and miscellaneous housewares to sell. And tomorrow I shall invest in Space Bags . . . those bags that you vacuum out the extra air. Great for extra pillows and blankets and winter coats. I need to save some space in my new apt — I'll keep you posted on how well (or not) they work!

Marathon also coming up! I felt strong on my entire 20 mile run. 13 miles tomorrow am. I'm tapering. . . ah, luxury. Still have some funds to raise before I run though. Please donate: Alls' ya'll that donated, expect thank you cards and results in the mail shortly after!

I'll be better I promise. Post some photos from camping and canvasing and weddings and apartment this week!!!


blogorelli said...


I'm glad to hear about the job, apartment, AND kitty situations all being resolved.

Don't we get any "before" photos of your new city pad? If not, how will we be able to truly marvel at your spectacular interior design talents?

Maggart said...

You've been insanely busy! Sounds like you're all set for NYC- that was fast! And the space bags work well for me- consolidated all my winter stuff down to next to nothing.