Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gone are the Days of "Sex in the City" and My Single Lady Friends

Obviously I'm still single and have my own love life issues . . . but there are two updates to two of my favorite former roommates and coincidentally the two girls I shared my "Sex in the City" tv-show watching days. Those were the days of going to bars and flirting with dumb boys . . . of dreaming of joining Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha at brunch . . . and of just being young and carefree and not have the stress of planning a 5-figure party.

The most recent update: Christi (aka blogorelli) became affianced this past weekend to her fabulous boyfriend (and my roomie replacement) Mark. Very romantic . . . and very sweet (read the story here on Mark's blog). Christi has long considered herself very much a single gal and was always slightly resistant to the whole settling down thing. So it is with utmost confidence that we all know this moment is not only joyous and happy but also, obviously, the real thing. I'm so happy for them!

Additionally, I'm so ridiculously giddy and thrilled to announce my upcoming role as bridesmaid in the wedding of my other former-roommate and "single girl in crime" Miss Lynn. She was shocked to find that I was so surprised! I totally cried when she asked me! She has a lot of phenomenal friends that I've met and known throughout the year, so I was totally flattered. I'm so thrilled and we're already having so much fun discussing colors, bridesmaids dresses, her gorgeous venue, and other cute details. At this rate, we may have her 9-12-09 wedding planned out and ready by Christmas!

Wow . . . 2009 is the year of the wedding for me! I'm so excited!


Jessica said...

Lynn, you are a lucky chickie to have picked my sis as a bridesmaid: I can tell you she plans a HELL of a bachelorette party. I'm still scandalized years later!

skydiving in stilettos said...

By the way, Jess. Can I borrow that penis squirtgun I bought you for that?


Jess said...

I broke it. Sorry.

skydiving in stilettos said...

Um. . . how?