Monday, August 4, 2008

A Handful of Random Notes for Today

1. I gotta get to the beach. My racerback tanline from all my running gear is ridiculous... and I can see the faint outline of a white armband from ipod developing too.

2. I'm wearing high-heels today. That's HUGE for the day after a long run. I guess my recovery nutrition worked well!

3. My cat loves when I do yoga or crunches on the floor. She has to seriously get up in there and sit like two inches from me. Its so annoying and endearing at the same time.

4. I realized that for the second year in a row, its August and my landlord has not sent me anything to renew my lease. Last year, I withheld my August rent for like two weeks and nagged the hell out of them until they FINALLY sent me the new lease. This year, I think I'm just going to pay for August and hope that since I'm not signed in, I can just keep paying and have a month-to-month lease. I know they don't have their sh*t together enough to ever really give me a 30-day notice to move out because they seem too lazy to ever find a new tenant (plus I'm a pro at moving if I really had to). Also, this gives me a good out if I wanted to move to New York in... I dunno... January?

Have a great week everybody!

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Jess said...

Um, what? What's this about moving to NY?