Sunday, August 31, 2008

Swimming with Fishes

So last weekend, as part of the day of bachelorette fun, Sarah, Kim, Leah, and myself all trekked out to the quaint Walden Pond in Concord to catch some sun before heading back into the city for a night of revelry. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to practice my lake swim with the upcoming triathlon on 9/13 (which is also a lake swim because I'm definitely not ready for the ocean!).

I didn't do so well and realized that although I'm pretty confident in a pool at this point, the whole not seeing the bottom and being freaked out anytime a fish swam too close, made me panic, gasp for air, and gulp water repeatedly. Not a good forecast.

So this lovely weekend, I headed back out with my pal Christi. MUCH BETTER! I realize, that like running, its the starting out and getting my groove that is the roughest part. I swam half-way out and back (1/2 mile?). Although it took me a hefty 20 minutes, that was because I stopped frequently so I could switch strokes or even just tread water. Something I'm not too skilled at and I felt I better feel more comfortable in case I tire out. I also took multiple moments of pause and floating to just soak up the sun and enjoy the quiet of being stranded in the middle of a lake. It was incredible and I'm definitely much more confident that I can do this thing.

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