Thursday, August 28, 2008

Such Nice Things!

So... my sisters have always said great things to me and buttered me up as well. I love them so much for their constant ego boosts when I'm feeling low. In addition to their constant loveliness, I've had some recent things said to me by other folks that have caught me off-guard and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I think these two recent statements rank in the top 5 compliments anyone has ever given me:

1. My friend Steve has said several times starting at the NYC Half-Marathon that I was very inspiring. Now I know that that's probably specifically relating to the running/training and fundraising but being told you are inspiring in any form is such an amazing feeling. I think that's the best adjective someone can attach to another person. I think about the people in my life that inspire me... and I'm so proud to be called that.

2. Last night I was chatting with my boss from my previous job, Janet. Janet has always, in fact, also been very inspiring to me and someone I've always respected, trusted, and loved. She asked me what race I was training for now and I said I was working on my second marathon, this one in NYC. She was shocked and I replied with "I know. Would you ever think three years ago that I would have finished even one marathon!?" And she replied "Yes. I could have actually easily imagined." And then I was the shocked one, replying "But I'm so klutzy and un-athletic!" To which she answered: "Maybe so, but you've always been so determined that nothing seems to surprise me any more." It was a very clever and funny thing to say but even more so, it was the feather in my cap that I've really been needing lately both with my marathon training and with my confidence as a designer. I am actually a very determined person and have always been so... and I need to remind myself of that and channel that determination that has somehow become a bit buried lately under feelings of doubt.

Who knows... maybe my determination will inspire someone. ;)

Sorry for the blogpost of sappiness, sentimentality and tooting my own horn.


Tessa said...

your old boss janet is right... you are such a determined person whether it is in the kitchen, helping someones birthday or event, running, or your incredible design portfolio. love you and i'm very proud of you. you inspire someone every day and you have inspired me for 24 years!

Sarah said...

I 100% agree with your #1. I was really struck by your comment on my blog saying I inspire you. I thought to myself "here is this person I have never met giving me such a genuine great!" I fully believe that people need to be more open about complimenting others....we are so quick to judge and criticize but not say nice things.

So here's one for you.....your obvious love for your family is inspiring. Your sisters are lucky to have someone like you in their lives :)