Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm So Graceful

This weekend, during the festivities of the Gaya/Ott wedding . . . right before their very classy brunch, I was running a bit early, so I stopped to fill up the old Zipcar at the gas station (PS. why is it that the zipcar gas cards have NEVER in my 4 year history of being a zipcar member worked for me? Such a pain to have to keep faxing my receipts for reimbursements!). Just as I was leaving the gas station store, I hadn't realized there was one little step down. So right there, dressed in my sweet little brunch dress and wedge shoes, and in front of the crowded station where there were cars literally lined up to wait on a pump, and ab entire motorcycle gang, I took a major dive. Literally, on all fours and knees and then a little roll even. My sunglasses flew off my face, my purse opened and spilled across the station. And I'm pretty sure I let out a little yell and an "ugh" when I hit. No less than ten people came out of the convenience store, over from their Harleys, out of their cars to help me out. Quite embarassing (although no more than being on stage and singing Proud Mary with the wedding band the night before). I showed up to the brunch bleeding. . . thankfully the bathrooms were just before the entrance to the brunch so I could wipe off the cement and blood attached to my knee. And the little limp I still had from rolling my ankle I tried to play off as a hip pimp walk.

Just as I'm having one of those days were I'm feeling and looking good, God likes to remind me that I'm not really all that. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hope you're not too bruised up and feeling better today.

Kristen said...

A very unfortunate incident...but you still looked fabulous at brunch!