Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flights are Booked!!!

My around-the-world-tour is on! Man, I never needed a vacation more either...

Here's my itinerary:

May 14 - I leave at 1:55 and arrive in San Francisco at 8pm (with a layover in Chicago for two hours. Any of my Chicago friends interested in a super quick visit?).
I hope to meet up with my friends Danielle and Scott (and Ranjit if that punk emails me back!).

May 15 - leave for Tokyo at 1pm and arrive at 4ish on May 16. Perfectly, Vik's flight lands around the same time so we can share a taxi to the hotel (yea - work expenses for him = free for me!).

May 16-May 18 - fun and insanity in Tokyo! (including karaoke, sumo wrestling matches, mad shopping, and getting dressed as a geisha!

May 18-May 20 - to Osaka via bullet train. We're in Osaka for Sunday through Tuesday (I think?) and I definitely hop over to Kyoto only a half-hour away since its supposely the most picturesque town in Japan with temples, cherry blossoms (if they're still there mid-May), and beautiful parks.

May 20 - back to Tokyo for more fun and insanity!

May 21 - leave for Vancouver at 6pm / arrive in Vancouver at 11am the SAME DAY! Two days for the price of one - awesome.

May 21 - spend a few days seeing the sites of Vancouver with my good friend Stephen.

May 22ish - spend a few days in Seattle seeing the sites. doing some hiking.

May 25 - leave from Vancouver to NYC. Arrive in NYC around 9ish.

May 26 (Memorial Day) - I can either jet directly back to Boston on a 7am flight, or stay in NYC on my day off to squeeze a few more friends into my vacation! Yet to be determined... I may be BEAT by this time!

See?!? World-tour, right?! I'm SOOOO excited... any travel tips for the bevy of cities I'll be hitting are definitely appreciated!

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merseydotes said...

You will LOVE Vancouver. West End is fun and gay and has good restaurants. Robson Street has the shopping. Yaletown is very hip, renovated warehouses and the like. Keep your eyes peeled for movies shooting around town. Restaurant recs here. Have fun!