Monday, April 14, 2008

Life List #19: Go Skydiving for my 30th Birthday

... on hold. GRRR.

So Friday evening, I was sitting in AirTran Business Class sipping my Bailey's on the rocks as I headed to Baltimore airport (I missed my earlier flight and had to upgrade to Business Class to ensure I didn't get bumped on the next one... that $40 was worth all three Bailey's after the stress of thinking I would miss my skydiving jump the next morning).

When I landed in Baltimore, I got the voicemail from Skydive Orange... bad weather, clouds, thunderstorms... I should reschedule. Called him back that night and explained we wouldn't be able to reschedule for several months since both my sister and I are from out of town. That's fine... but I was definitely bummed.

No worries. The rest of the weekend was great. I'm still alive. And I'm excited to plan another trip to DC soon (hopefully the flights get cheaper and the weather is sunnier!).

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