Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My birthday week is off to a great start!

Today is a bevy of blog posts, eh?

Well, its officially birthday week (big day is Thursday) and at my office yesterday, not one, not two, but THREE birthday packages arrived! And, they were all from my awesome friends Alex + Christine in Chicago. They are the most clever gift-givers ever.

Check it -- the first package (which didn't have a "from" anywhere on it so it brought this whole aura of mystery) was a gift certificate to the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. The second package was an awesome box of various curry spices and bay leaves and such that smelled INTOXICATINGLY good. And the last package was from Amazon.com with an Indian cookbook! I love theme presents!!!

I'm so excited to test out some new recipes and take a class at the cooking school. I've fallen off the cooking band-wagon lately getting lots of take-out and frozen food and I really miss cooking... recipes to share later when I test them out!

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The Almighty said...

Your friends are creative gift givers!
I recently sent a card to someone for their birthday that had a picture of a baby on the front. To me, the card said it all. It went something like "For your birthday, wishing you the makings of a great day - A good bottle, a good nap and a good poop!"
Now how much better than that can you get? (But I did get her a present, besides.)