Monday, April 14, 2008

Yea Mom... I know you're out there!

Dear Mom... I was only keeping this blog from you because I was afraid you would flip out if you knew we were planning on skydiving. And I had every intention of sending you the link after it was over.

SHOW YOURSELF! ha ha ha. Post a comment! Welcome! We need to give you an awesome blog nickname! ;)


The Almighty said...

Remember the Ten Commandments, the Fifth Commandment being "Honour Thy Father and Mother"!


skydiving in stilettos said...

ha ha ha. the almighty???

hey! you remember your ten commandments! you just used the Lord's name in vain!

Jessica said...

Dude, "The Almighty" is like, way worse than "Queenma."

Now I know why you were so freaked out when I talked to you Saturday: You thought Tessa was gonna jump out of a plane.

skydiving in stilettos said...

wait a minute... why wasn't she worried that I would jump out of a plane!?!?!?

tizzle said...

hells yes i'm going to jump out of a plane... that shiz would hurt less than paintballing! muahahaha... you are not the boss of me mamma!